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At, Campaign Resources are used to research Campaign Hulls and Campaign Advantages. This research is performed from the Officer's Homeworld page. After these hulls and advantages have been researched, they may be used in Campaign games.

Earned Campaign Resources

The vast majority of the Campaign Resources that a player will have will be earned by the player's performance within the game. There are two ways to earn Campaign Resources from a game.

Per Turn Earnings

The amount of the minerals earned is based on how dense the deposits of the mineral are in the planet, and the overall mineral level in the game. The formulae for Campaign Resources (while a game is in progress) are as follows:

These resources are multiplied by a player's Tenacity before being credited to the Officer's Homeworld.

The Game-Richness values are from the Game's Settings information, as follows:

Mineral          Parameter
Duranium duraniumlevel
Tritanium tritaniumlevel
Molybdenum molybdenumlevel

The Planet-Density values are the mineral densities for the three relevant minerals.

End-of-Game Earnings

The formulae for base end-of-game Campaign Resources are as follows:

The Game-Richness values are as above. The Planet-Density values are the sums of the appropriate mineral densities for all the planets owned.

Each of the above base values is multiplied by several modifiers to arrive at the end-of-game Campaign Resources earned:

The end-of-game Campaign Resource earnings are only available to players who complete the game. Players who leave the game before the end will not receive end-of-game earnings.

Initial Allocation of Campaign Resources

The amount of initial Campaign Resources is computed as follows:

Resource          Allocation
Duranium 8 * ( 500 - Advantage Points )
Tritanium 10 * ( 500 - Advantage Points )
Molybdenum 7 * ( 500 - Advantage Points )
MegaCredits 50 * ( 500 - Advantage Points )