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Priority Intercept Attack

Starships —> Combat —> Priority Intercept Attack

Any starship with either a cloaking device or an advanced cloaking device has a special ability. When the starship's mission is set to Intercept and a primary enemy is selected, if combat would occur between the cloakable vessel and its target, that combat will always occur before other combats at the same location. This permits the intercepting vessel to ambush its selected target. Any other combat in the same location will then take place normally. In addition, if the intercepted starship would combat the intercepting starship, that combat will also occur before other combats at the same location.

In order to perform a Priority Intercept Attack, a ship must have an installed cloaking device. It must be set to intercept the target, and it must have the faction of that target set as primary enemy. There is no requirement or even ability for the intercepting ship to be cloaked at the time of the attack.

If more than one cloakable vessel is set to perform a Priority Intercept Attack, these combats will take place in reverse Ship ID order only.

After the Priority Intercept Attack, most ships will remain de-cloaked; however, there exists two exceptions:

See also: Out of Fuel , Intercept and Intercept Interference.