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Recloak Intercept

Starships —> Abilities —> Recloak Intercept

A starship with the Recloak Intercept ability is the ultimate commerce raider. This ability is an advanced form of the Intercept mission. When this starship performs a successful intercept, it engages in combat with its target and attempts to cloak. This all occurs before the regular combat phase.

Accomplishing this maneuver can be quite tricky, and the following factors influence the success of this mission:

  1. If there is no combat, the intercepting ship will not attempt the post-battle cloak.
  2. If the intercepting ship takes damage during combat or from another source (i.e. minefields), it will not be able to cloak after the battle.
  3. For combat to initiate, one of the two ships, the interceptor or target, must have a Primary Enemy set to the opposing race. If the target ship has its mission set to Kill, this also initiates the combat.
  4. No fuel is required for the post-battle cloak, but the intercepting ship must have at least 1 kt of fuel. For combat to occur, the target ship must also have fuel.
  5. If the intercepting ship successfully intercepts, attacks, and cloaks, its Primary Enemy will be reset to None. If there is no combat or the intercepting ship is unable to perform the post-battle cloak, its Primary Enemy will remain the same.

At present, the only starship with this ability is the Deth Specula Stealth, a third-generation advanced hull which may be researched by Fury for use in Campaign games.

See also: Out of Fuel and Tachyon Device.