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Everything costs money. Taxes were invented to provide governments with the money to purchase the goods and services that they believed they needed. However, people tend to become unreasonable when asked to pay for too many things that they consider to be unnecessary (e.g. roads, education, infrastructure and warships) and they've been known to stage protests, riots, or even revolutions in order to pay lower taxes. attempts to simulate this phenomenon using a model based on Taxes, Happiness, MegaCredits, Population, Climate, and Planetary Structures. To complicate matters slightly (while vastly improving profitability), native races have been introduced. The basic premise is, the higher the taxes, the less happy people are – but the more money they generate for government spending.

The game uses some complex formulae to determine population and happiness from turn to turn. On the bright side, you probably don't need to memorize them; the interface keeps track of this sort of thing for you. Keep these general rules in mind and you ought to do fine:

There are a few values for happiness that have a significant effect on the game:

Rioting and Civil War are handled separately for the Colonists and the Natives. Because of this, if both Colonists and Natives are in Civil War, they will destroy a total of 22 factories and 30 mines per turn, and approximately 51% of both populations will be killed.

The larger your colonist population grows, the more planetary structures it can support. (There are other complex formulae for that.) Also, as a general rule, the larger a population is, the faster it can grow – within certain limits.

For more detailed information, please refer to the Happiness Details page.

There are many complex taxation strategies; these off-site links may help. Please remember: is not responsible for off-site content.

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