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The cargo that a ship may carry includes fuel , supplies , colonists , tritanium, duranium, molybdenum and MegaCredits. If a ship has one or more torpedo launchers the ship may carry torpedoes. If the ship has one or more fighter bays the ship may carry fighters.

A starship can transfer cargo to planets. After one or more colonist clans are transferred to an unowned planet that planet than becomes yours the following turn. Colonists from other players, inhospitable climates , amorphous natives or fighting natives can kill colonists.

Starships can transfer cargo from and to any other starship at the same location. This capability is particularly useful for fuel tankers so they can transfer to ships that are in need of fuel. Cargo transfers are more complex when ships of two or more races are involved; torpedoes, fighters, and money cannot be transferred without using a Friendly Code , and transfers involving cloaking vessels require that the ships remain uncloaked throughout the entire transfer (one turn to request the transfer and one turn to perform the transfer). In addition, a starship can only transfer cargo to one foreign target in any given turn.

Most cargo can be jettisoned into deep space (see Out of Fuel ). MegaCredits may not be jettisoned, due to the regulations of the Nuniversal Reserve Bank. Cargo may not be jetisoned while a spaceship is in orbit, in an effort to reduce damage to orbiting starships due to impact with the jetsam.

Starships can repair damage in space using supplies , which might make it useful to transfer supplies between starships. Repairs in space DO NOT add mission crew to the ship.