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Introduction —> Other Useful Websites can be Liked on Facebook! Click here ( to take a look at the loads of content out there. Like and Follow!

Our UserVoice site can be found by clicking on the FEEDBACK link at the bottom of the page. If for any reason that link isn't visible or working, you might try clicking here instead. This site is used for tracking player-created bug reports and suggestions.

These external websites may have useful articles or tools. is, of course, not responsible for anything you see there.

In addition, there exist several specific web pages that are very useful.

Finally, you'll find more links in our Guides section and scattered throughout the documentation.

Note 1

The PlanetsMag website is a WordPress site that uses the Wordfence plugin for security. There are occasional issues with this plugin incorrectly blocking users, generating a "Your access to this site has been limited" error. The only known workaround is to use an HTTP proxy service.