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Introduction —> About the Documentation is the latest incarnation of a game that began in the 1990s as a shareware-based BBS game noted for playability, complexity, and only partial documentation. Over the years, player-supported organizations, newsgroups, and websites have created thousands of pages of articles intended to supplement the original documentation. Decompilers, extensive testing, and simulations have been used to quantify some of this additional information. Since the game has been revised, the original documentation is now far from completely accurate, and much of the supplementary documentation has likewise been overtaken by events.

These pages have been assembled by a volunteer editing staff using the original documentation as a base, along with announcements, discussions in the forums, test games, and some information directly from the developers. References to outdated concepts have been removed, known errors corrected, and much new information added. However, the reader should bear in mind that updating this documentation is a never ending task; some unintended old content may slip through, and new changes may not be reflected yet. If any errors are discovered, a message should be sent to the user Editors. This will cause a Ticket to be generated that can be used to track the request.

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There are three different URLs that contain the documentation. Documentation under all three of these is the same.

Please note: All three of these links provide access to documentation concerned solely with the new version of the website. The old version of the website is presently unsupported.

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