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Any starship can choose the Intercept mission in order to attempt to move to the same point as another starship. To do so, the player must be able to "see" the target starship on the starmap and have the intercepting starship target it before selecting the Intercept mission.

Intercepting takes place during the intercept phase of the movement stage of Host. The three major movement phases of the Host are:

Since Hyperjumps take place during the normal ("Move Most") move phase, intercepting starships can successfully target them for intercept. However, since the Firecloud Chunnel takes place after all movement, it is impossible to successfully intercept a Chunnelling starship. Likewise, as Cloaking takes place before any movement, a successful cloak will interrupt the intercept attempt and cause it to fail. A ship with a failed Intercept mission will not move at all, regardless of waypoint settings.

It is important to note that Intercepting starships move in turn, by increasing order of Starship ID #. Therefore, a low-numbered starship set to intercept a higher-numbered starship that is also moving during the intercept phase will move first, ending (if possible) at the initial start point of its target. The higher-numbered starship will move later, and this movement will not be affected by the presence of the first starship.

A starship set to Warp 0 and Intercept will not move (of course), but the waypoint will be set to the last recorded sighting of the target starship. If the target has cloaked, moved via Chunnel, or was not visible to the player at the beginning of the turn, the Intercept mission will fizzle with no effect.

See also: the Host Order , Out of Fuel and Cloak Intercept.