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Energy Defense Field

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In response the the endless persecution of the Evil Empire, the Rebel Confederation has developed a way to defend their planets that don't have starbases. Planets without starbases and at least 20 defense posts can generate an energy defense field which prevents orbital attacks by ships. Planets with an energy defense field can only be captured by ground combat or Imperial Assault. Falcon Class Escorts which are located on planets with an energy defense field can land on the planet and can not be attacked or seen (they are cloaked by the defense field).

This advantage only protects a planet against starship-to-planet combat. Other starship advantages will still work properly.

This advantage consumes 50 KT of fuel per turn to run an energy defense field. It can be activated using the planetary Friendly Code EDF .

This advantage is disabled by default, and can be researched with Campaign Resources. The EDF Friendly Code is used to trigger this advantage.

This advantage is worth 40 advantage points and is only available to The Rebel Confederation.

The research cost for this advantage is: