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Super Spy Deluxe

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The Birdmen, always superlative at espionage, have developed an advantage that integrates well with their Super Spy mission. This Super Spy Deluxe advantage allows the Friendly Code of a planet to be changed to the Friendly Code of the starship. While the NTP Friendly Code can be set for a planet, it will have no special effect unless the Super Spy Command advantage has been researched and is enabled.

Each Birdman starship in orbit of a planet delivers a 20% chance that the Friendly Code will be changed. This means that five starships can effectively control a planet's Friendly Code.

If the friendly code is changed, it will be changed to the Friendly Code of the starship with the lowest Ship ID, a mission of Super Spy and a Friendly Code that doesn't start with an X .

To disable the Friendly Code change function of this ability, set the starship's Friendly Code to something beginning with the letter X.

If the Friendly Code is changed, it will occur prior to movement. In addition, the commander of the race owning the planet will be notified of the change at the end of the turn. If a planet's Friendly Code is changed, there is a chance that it will unleash an Ion Pulse.

This advantage is enabled by default, but can be disabled. To trigger this advantage, the Mission should be set to Super Spy, and the Friendly Code should start with a character other than X (upper or lower case).

This advantage is worth 20 advantage points and is only available to The Empire of the Birds.

See also: Out of Fuel.