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Send Fighters

Starships —> Missions —> Send Fighters

When a Gorbie uses the mission, Send Fighters , all its fighters can be sent to a specific target, another Gorbie or a starbase. If multiple senders have the same target, the senders will then act in order of the ship or planet's ID, with all ships sending before all starbases.

If the Gorbie does not choose a target, the Send Fighters mission will transfer its fighters to all receivers within 200 light-years. When sending to all receivers, the fighters will be sent to only those starbases and Gorbies with a mission or Primary Order of Receive fighters. The sender will evenly divide (rounded down) its fighters among all receivers in range. Any surplus fighters will remain with the sender.

This mission may only be set on the Gorbie Class Battlecarrier. A similar functionality is available on starbases by setting the Primary Orders.

This mission is only available to the Evil Empire, and only when the Starbase Fighter Transfer advantage has been enabled.

See also: Out of Fuel and Starbase Interface Pane.