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Starbase Fighter Transfer

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The Evil Empire's highly-trained military personnel and streamlined production facilities have mastered the ability to quickly move fighters between starbases and/or Gorbies. This is accomplished by setting a starbase's Primary Order or a Gorbie's mission to Send fighters or Receive fighters .

A starbase or Gorbie can Send fighters along a chain of targets of other Gorbies or starbases. All fighters effectively move at the same time, filling up the chain in reverse order (the last target gets filled first). If multiple senders have the same target, the senders will then act in order of the ship or planet's ID, with all ships sending before all starbases.

If the starbase or Gorbie does not set a target with the Send fighters mission, the base will transfer fighters to all starbases and Gorbies with the mission Receive fighters . In this scenario, all receivers must be within 200 light-years of the sender. The sender will evenly divide (rounded down) its fighters among all receivers in range. Any surplus fighters will remain with the sender.

This advantage is enabled by default in Standard games, and it is a 30 point advantage in Campaign games.