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The leaderboard represents the current state of the ranking officers from the races of the Echo Cluster and their battles to become Emperor of the Echo Cluster. The leaderboard is sorted by Rank, then by Achievement. The following formulae are used to calculate the Achievement Points that, along with the Badges , are used to determine a Commander's rank.

The formula used depends on the type of game. Most games use Planetary Score. The exception is the Militaty Score games.

Planetary Score Games

This category includes all Public games that are not Military Score games.

In a Planetary Score game, Achievement Points are awarded based on the number of planets a player has when the game ends. The formula for this is as follows:

Achievement Points = Planets * Victory Multiplier * Difficulty Modifier * Tenacity * Turn Modifier * Player Modifier


This is the number of planets the player controls at the end of the game.

Difficulty Modifier

The Difficulty Modifier is specific to the game, and is described here.


The Tenacity is specific to the player, and is described here.

Victory Multiplier

The Victory Multiplier is determined by the actual Victory Condition and the player's position in the game, and is currently as follows:

Multiplier        Conditions
6 Solo Victory - after May 17, 2014
5 Solo Victory - before May 17, 2014
4 Alliance Victory - Player with highest planet count
4 Mentor vs. Midshipmen Victory - Player with highest planet count
4 Team Victory - Team with highest planet count (all players)
3 Alliance Victory - Other players - before May 17, 2014
2 Alliance Victory - Other players - after May 17, 2014
2 Mentor vs. Midshipmen Victory - Player with second highest planet count
1 Other game completion

The Mentor vs. Midshipmen Victory multipliers used to be different, but we do not have information on what they were or when they changed.

Player Modifier

The Player Modifier for games that started after December 17, 2015 is determined by the number of player slots in the game. This is intended to be indicative of the greater simplicity of acquiring large numbers of planets in games with small numbers of players.

Multiplier        Number of Players
1.0 11 or more
0.9 10
0.8 9
0.7 8
For all games that started prior to December 17, 2015, the Player Modifier will be 1.0.

Turn Modifier

If a player has played fewer than 50 turns in a game (either by joining late or being a replacement player) they will receive achievement points = expected points * (number of turns played / 50).

Public Opinion Achievement Points

Public Opinion Achievement Points in a Planetary Score game are calculated by determining the amount of achievement points a player would earn if the game they are playing in were to end right now and then factoring in the turn number of the game. For planetary games public opinion = # of planets the player has.

Public Opinion Achievement Points can affect whether a player is promoted or not to a higher rank. If a player achieves the necessary total achievement level including public opinion they will be promoted. If their Public Opinion Achievement Points decrease, they will not be demoted.

Public Opinion Achievement Points are temporary, and go away when the player leaves the game they were accumulated in. If the player completes the game, the Public Opinion Achievement Points will be replaced with permanent Achievement Points, as calculated above.

Military Score Games

This win condition may not be used in new Public games. The information on Military Score games is being included to allow players to understand the scoring on older games.

Winning military score games: # of achievement points earned is:

2 ^ (# of opponents defeated)
In a standard 11-player game the following standard achievement points would be awarded as follows:
Position          Bonus Points
1st 1024
2nd 512
3rd 256
4th 128
5th 64
6th 32
7th 16
8th 8
9th 4
10th 2
11th 1