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Horwasp - Details and Formulae

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The Horwasp are presently under development, which means they will frequently be receiving enhancements and bugfixes. Because of this, the documentation will also be frequently changing, and may be slightly behind development. This means that at any given time the documentation might not be complete, and could contain errors. In addition, there are probably interactions that aren't yet known.

If any errors are noticed in this document, please inform one of the Editors.


Horwasp can not enter into formal peace agreements except in team games. Their highest diplomatic level is "Open Communication".

Horwasp Starships and Pods

The detailed starship list for the Horwasp can be found on the Horwasp Starships page.

Order Of Battle

The Horwasp have a very rigid hierarchical social structure. This constrains them to fight in a simple and consistent combat order that they always follow without exception.

Horwasp units will always fight in the following order:

  1. Stingers
  2. Jackers
  3. Broods
  4. Soldiers
  5. Hives
  6. Sentries
  7. Armoured Nests
  8. Accelerators
  9. Nest/Farms/Rocks/Dunghill

Within each unit type, the units will fight in order from the most clans on board to the least clans. In case two are evenly matched, they will fight in ship ID order.

NOTE: In combat between the Horwasp and one of the Eleven Races, the Eleven will still use their classic order of battle determination. This will create some complex yet still deterministic results.

Priority Points

The Horwasp will earn priority points for destroying enemy vessels like any other race. Destroying Horwasp ships or pods does not produce priority points, however if the Horwasp have any priority points they are stolen when a ship is or pod is destroyed. The Horwasp have no use for priority points.


Horwasp do not build surface structures or tax natives or workers. They do, however, burrow into the ground for defense.

Horwasp workers can be allocated to perform the following tasks on a Planet:

Workers are allocated on a % basis. The more workers working on each task the quicker it can be performed.

Every resting 100 clans of workers must eat 1 native clan per turn to survive. Every 100 working clans must eat 2 native clans per turn to survive. Otherwise overpopulation will cause some starving workers to die each turn. Due to the fact that active and resting workers are calculated separately, small numbers of resting workers may consume more native clans than if there were no resting workers.

Supplies are produced as a by-product of this feeding process at a rate of 1 for every 10 native clans consumed. The Horwasp do not use supplies however enough supplies can prevent climate death like other races.

The Horwasp population will only grow through Harvesting of natives. For each native harvested 3 larvae are produced and buried in the ground. Once the larva exist the following turn they will emerge to the surface as new workers.

Although Horwasp planets don't have Friendly Codes, all Horwasp planets will function as though they have a Friendly Code of NUK .

If a Horwasp planet has been taken the new workers will still emerge the following turn and initiate a ground attack.

Three times more Horwasp can survive on cold or hot planets than other races.

Horwasp planetary defenses include Energy Torpedo launchers with unlimited torpedoes.

When the Horwasp conquer an enemy planet without native life, 15% of the enemy colonists will be captured and converted into "native" livestock. They can be liberated by recapturing the planet (if not already harvested).

Any existing structures (mines, factories, defense) on a Horwasp planet will decay at the structure decay rate. Although there may be enough colonists to support the structures, the Horwasp don't bother.

Notable Host Order Changes


mines = Math.ceil(Math.sqrt(mining clans * 0.7))

mineral = Math.round(mines * density / 100)


change = Math.floor(Math.sqrt(terraforming clans) / 100)

or to simplify:


(Max 10% of workers /turn)

neutronium= Math.floor(Math.pow(liquefy clans, 2/3))