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Super Spy Infiltration

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The Birdmen, always superlative at espionage, have trained some new infiltration agents. When starships belonging to a Birdman player with the Super Spy Infiltration advantage are at the location of a starbase owned by another player, the specially trained agents can infiltrate all uncloaked starships at that location that belong to the planet owner and report back with details on the ship's engines and weapons, all fuel and cargo, damage, and friendly code. Chameleon devices are ineffective against these infiltrators, and a ship's true hull will be revealed.

The Super Spy Infiltration advantage requires Super Spy Advanced advantage to be enabled in order to be effective.

This advantage is disabled by default, and can be researched with Campaign Resources. This advantage is triggered by use of the Super Spy mission when orbiting a planet with a starbase.

This advantage is worth 10 advantage points and is only available to The Empire of the Birds.

The research cost for this advantage is 1300 GigaCredits.