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The Birdmen Super Spy advantage allows the Birdmen to gather information about the foreign planet that the ship is orbiting. The information gathered includes detailed resource information (minerals, fuel, money and supplies) and the planet's Friendly Code.

This advantage is enabled by default, and can not be disabled. To trigger this advantage, the Mission should be set to Super Spy . It should be remembered that this is the same mission that is used to trigger the Super Spy Deluxe advantage; using a Friendly Code beginning with the letter "x" will temporarily deactivate that portion of the mission.

This advantage is worth 25 advantage points and is only available to The Empire of the Birds.

This ability can be upgraded by activating the Super Spy Advanced advantage. While that is active, the Super Spy mission will also report on starbases at the planets being spied upon. Information will be returned on fighters, defenses and damage, tech levels, and any ship being built. This advantage is worth an additional 20 advantage points and can only be used if Super Spy is active.

See also: Out of Fuel.