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Starbase Mine Sweeping

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Most races have the ability to develop the technology to sweep minefields from a starbase, using the starbase defenses. The tech level of the beam weapons that the starbase can build is used to determine how many mines per turn that each weapon can sweep. All beams in the defense, whether planet based or starbase based, are used to sweep. The type of beam used is the highest that the starbase can build, regardless of the planetary beam type.

To sweep a minefield, a starbase has the same distance requirements and limits as a starship.

Starnases sweep mines after starships, but before mines are scooped.

This advantage is disabled by default, and can be researched with Campaign Resources. The Sweep Mines Primary Order is used to trigger this advantage. This advantage is useful against web mines as well as normal mines.

This advantage is worth 20 advantage points and is available to players of:

The research cost for this advantage is 3150 GigaCredits.