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Pleasure Planets

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This advantage allows the Privateers to create a Pleasure Planet. This planet will have increased Colonist hapiness and slightly reduced Native happiness. In addition, the output of factories and mines will be cut in half.

All planets within 250 light-years of the Pleasure Planet are aware of it, and their Colonists will slowly start to emigrate there. Cyborg, Robot, Crystal, and Horwasp are immune to this effect.

Any Lady Royale Class Cruiser in orbit of a Pleasure Planet will generate twice as many MegaCredits as normal.

This advantage is disabled by default, and can be researched with Campaign Resources. This advantage can only be triggered on a planet with a temperature of 50°W. To trigger this advantage, a Lady Royale Class Cruiser must use the Land and Disassemble mission at the planet.

This advantage is worth 20 advantage points and is only available to The Privateer Bands.

The research cost for this advantage is 1500 GigaCredits.