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Dense Minefields

Dashboard —> Advantages —> Dense Minefields

This advantage allows the Robots to create minefields with mines placed closer together than normal.

This advantage is disabled by default, and can be researched with Campaign Resources. To use this advantage, the Lay Large Minefields advantage must be enabled. This advantage is triggered when the number of mines in a minefield exceeds 22,500.

As the number of mines in a minefield increases beyone 22,500, the size of the minefield will stay stable, but the mines will become closer together. This will generate a proportional increase in the chances to hit a mine. It will also create a proportional increase in the minefield decay rate, due to increased chances of mines hitting each other. As an example, if a minefield contains 33,750 mines, the chance of hitting a mine will be 1.5% for every light-year traveled (0.75% if cloaked) and the decay rate will be 7.5% per turn (22.5% if it intersects a Nebula).

Dense minefields are swept as normal, except that the size of the minefield doesn't decrease until the density is reduced to normal.

This advantage is worth 50 advantage points and is available to players of The Robotic Imperium.

The research cost for this advantage is 3000 GigaCredits.