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This page grants complete access to posts in the Activity Feed. Only posts accessed from this page (or the More link) are available for editing. The Feed page contains four tabs, as follows:

Most Recent

This is the default tab when the "ACTIVITY" page is brought up.

This tab contains short entries for every thread in the public Activity Feed categories within recent history, extending back 50 threads (usually for the past three days). Threads with a small number of replies (5 or fewer) can be expanded within the tab; threads with several comments (6 or more) will direct the user to a dedicated page. There is a Reply button specific to each post entry, and the comments exist in thread format, with the most recent always at the bottom of the thread.

Threads are moved to the top of the list when they receive a new reply, or when a player selects "LIKE" on the initial post of the thread. Either of these actions will subscribe the player to the thread, causing a Private Message to be sent to the player for every new post to the thread.

Near the top of the tab, a new post can be added using the "Start a discussion..." box.


This tab is a list of sorted categories containing each Activity Feed thread. Whenever a new Feed thread is started, the writer selects a category within which it can later be found using this list. Clicking on an entry opens a collection of the most recently updated threads from within that category.

Near the top of each subpage, a new post can be added using the "Start a discussion..." box.


The Search function is extremely basic. It permits simple text searches through the initial posts in every thread stored here.


This tab provides access to the twenty or so most recent official news posts released by the development team.