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Quantum Torpedoes

Dashboard —> Advantages —> Quantum Torpedoes

The Federation technicians have developed a new torpedo that they call a Quantum Torpedo. Compared to the Mark-8 Torpedo, this new torpedo has increased range and power. When laying or scooping mines, a Quantum Torpedo is equivalent to 121 mines.

When this advantage is active in a game, the Federation can build and Super Refit starships with Quantum Torpedo launchers. The Federation can also build Quantum Torpedoes at starbases with a torpedo Tech Level of 10.

Any race can build Quantum Torpedoes on starships equipped with Quantum Torpedo launchers. For races other than the Federation, this is the only wayt they can build Quantum Torpedoes.

When starship cloning is available, it is possible to clone a starship with Quantum Torpedo launchers. Whether or not the race cloning has the Quantum Torpedoes advantage, the reproduction can occur on a starbase with a torpedo Tech level of 10.

When a starship with Quantum Torpedo launchers is recycled, the launchers are kept in the starbase's inventory and will be available to be installed in new starships. Unfortunately, it is not possible to build new Quantum Torpedo launchers, even with one to work from.

NOTE: An attempt to use more Quantum Torpedo launchers in a build than you have on hand may generate an error in the Client. If this happens, the player will need to exit the Client and come back in.

This advantage is worth 30 advantage points. It is only available to The Solar Federation in Campaign games and Standard games started after about 14-DEC-2019. No special Mission or Friendly Code is required to trigger this advantage.