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Debris Disk Defense

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The Evil Empire is very experienced at navigating debris disks , and destroying or deflecting small asteroids in their path. Because of this, they have the ability to travel inside a debris disk in starships larger than 200 KT. In addition, the Evil Empire may take the Large Deep Space Freighter, Super Transport Freighter and Neutronic Fuel Carrier into a debris field, but they are treated as though they are over 200 KT.

When one of the above starships enters a debris field, there is a risk of hitting a small asteroid. The chances of hitting small asteroids are dependent on the speed of the starship. When a Neutronic Fuel Carrier hits a small asteroid, it will be destroyed. All other starships will survive an impact with at least one small asteroid.

Speed      Chances of Hitting an Asteroid
Warp 1 0%
Warp 2 1% per light-year
Warp 3 1% per light-year
Warp 4 1% per light-year
Warp 5 1% per light-year
Warp 6 2% per light-year
Warp 7 3% per light-year
Warp 8 4% per light-year
Warp 9 9% per light-year

This advantage is enabled by default, and can not be disabled. No special Mission or Friendly Code is required to trigger this advantage.

This advantage is worth 10 advantage points and is only available to The Evil Empire.