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TANTRUM device

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The TANTRUM device consists of Ion Shielding and a powerful Ion Magnet which is capable of attracting, collecting and storing an Ion Charge. This Ion Charge can then be released in a massive kinetic energy blast or "TANTRUM" (TransAstroNomical TRaversal of Unpredictable Magnitude).

This feature is activated by the use of the Tantrum starship mission.

The charge of the TANTRUM device is accumulated from the charge of an ion storm. The increase in charge is half the difference between the current charge and the Ion Storm's charge.

As the TANTRUM device is designed to collect its energy from an Ion Storm, the starship containing it will not be damaged by Ion Storms, but will be dragged by them. If a starship containing the TANTRUM device is inside of an Ion Storm, it will attract the heading of that storm by 1 degree per turn. This effect is cumulative with multiple TANTRUM devices inside the Ion Storm, to a maximum of a 20 degree change per turn.

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