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The Horwasp are presently under development, which means they will frequently be receiving enhancements and bugfixes. Because of this, the documentation will also be frequently changing, and may be slightly behind development. This means that at any given time the documentation might not be complete, and could contain errors. In addition, there are probably interactions that aren't yet known.

If any errors are noticed in this document, please inform one of the Editors.

Clans on board Horwasp ships are scattered to nearby planets.

When a Horwasp Hive starship performs the Swarm mission, it is destroyed, and the clans onboard are evenly distributed among all planets within 100 light-years. If the planet is unoccupied, it will become owned by the Horwasp. If the planet is occupied, Ground Combat will be initiated with the colonists already on the planet.

The Horwasp can also target a Swarm mission at a particular planet. This is done by selecting the Swarm mission, and setting the Hive's waypoint to a planet within 100 light-years. All of the clans onboard will be sent to that one planet when the Hive is destroyed.

This ability is enabled by default, and can not be disabled. It is enabled by the use of the Swarm mission.

This ability is worth 10 advantage points and is only available to The Horwasp Plague.