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Stealth Armor

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The D9 Usva Class Stealth Raider and the Bloodfang have Stealth Armor. This armor decreases the visibility of the starship. In addition, the starship visibility can decrease when in a nebula. The distance at which the starship can be detected varies according to speed:

Warp          Normal Detection Distance          Nebula Detection Distance
0 10 light-years 10 light-years
1 10 light-years 10 light-years
2 10 light-years 10 light-years
3 18 light-years 10 light-years
4 32 light-years 16 light-years
5 50 light-years 25 light-years
6 72 light-years 36 light-years
7 98 light-years 49 light-years
8 128 light-years 64 light-years
9 162 light-years 81 light-years

The stealth effect is prevented by damage during the starship's movement, and it must start and end its motion undamaged. This means that damage from mine hits will prevent the stealth effect, but damage from combat will not. Also, unlike cloaking which is prevented by damage at the start of a turn, starships with this advantage can repair themselves before movement and will then utilize their stealth armor.

The stealth effect is also prevented by travel through a radiation halo, since power from the stealth generator must instead be used for the radiation shielding systems.

No special Mission or Friendly Code is required to activate this ability.

See also: Out of Fuel.