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The Horwasp are presently under development, which means they will frequently be receiving enhancements and bugfixes. Because of this, the documentation will also be frequently changing, and may be slightly behind development. This means that at any given time the documentation might not be complete, and could contain errors. In addition, there are probably interactions that aren't yet known.

If any errors are noticed in this document, please inform one of the Editors.

Starships with this ability are only visible to sensor arrays within 25 light-years for non-combat pods (30 light-years to starships with a Sensor Sweep mission) and 50 light-years for combat pods (60 light-years to starships with a Sensor Sweep mission). As a consequence of this, they must be intercepted in order for them to be brought to enter combat.

Additionally, most starships with this ability must have a planet or planetoid set as their final waypoint. The starships that can have a final waypoint in deep space are the Accelerator, Protofield and Sentry.

Finally, starships with this ability are immune to minefields.

This ability is unique to the Horwasp.