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Cloaked Fighter Bays

Starships —> Abilities —> Cloaked Fighter Bays

This ability, presently exclusive to the Red Wind Storm-Carrier, permits that vessel (when cloaked) to add its fighter bays and fighters to all other carriers belonging to the owner which are fighting in that same space. The number of fighters destroyed are divided between the carrier fighting and the Red Wind Storm-Carrier in proportion to the number of fighters each starts with. This occurs regardless of aggression settings on the Red Wind Storm-Carrier.

A carrier can receive the bonus from only one Red Wind in the same space; additional Red Winds will be ignored. A Red Wind-Storm-Carrier will not activate the ability on itself in combat (but another cloaked Red Wind Storm-Carrier can still support it). The Federation Crew Bonus does not have any impact on the number of fighter bays that the Red Wind Storm-Carrier grants.

A successful Cloak mission (Super Spy included) is required in order to use this ability regardless of friendly code.

See also: Out of Fuel.